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Based in Los Angeles, Fever Dream Zine is an independent teen-run magazine that serves as a creative outlet. We showcase creativity in diverse and vulnerable ways by establishing a community that ignites artistic motivation and embraces individuality. We channel the passion to create content in physical and digital mediums.

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Co-Founder + Editor in Chief
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Hey hey! I am Angie! I love meeting new people and experimenting with new art mediums, which is what Fever Dream is all about! I am obsessed with all things colorful, some might say I'm a walking Pinterest board. When I'm not frantically designing graphics and issues for Fever Dream, you can find me watering at my plant named Goliad (which has surprisingly not died yet), going on spontaneous adventures, roaming aimlessly around trader joes, and listening to my favorite tunes. Creating a creative platform and community has always been my dream and I still can't believe we did it! 

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18 ★ sagittarius

Co-Founder + Creative Director
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Hey! My names Alique and I was born and raised in SoCal! Fever Dream Zine gives me the perfect creative outlet to express myself and explore other art between my crazy schedules. One of my favorite forms of art is music!! I love playing my guitar and exploring different genres with my pet bird (rip bucky). Some other things I do on my free time include reading, exploring films and different animation styles, and skateboarding!!

19 ★ sagittarius

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