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A New Way to Attend Art Galleries: Black Venus

Black Venus is a Virtual Arts showcase that is being done as an independent project to capture the beauty and essence of visual art. It is helping to come together in a collective effort to support and raise awareness of issues directly affecting our artists' issues across the African Diaspora. "This show's theme is rebirth, re-empowerment, liberation, and awakenings! " The showcase is now online so go check it out! Here is a sneak peek of some art pieces.

Aritst Credit (in order)

Shanell Kitt @kittspArt @Rishingsha, Photograph II : Destination

Olivia Davis @_silhouwet, Four

JoeLius DuBois, @joeliusdubois, Rebirth

Morgan Newton, @artby_morgann, Evolution

Emmanuel Kazadi, @emmanuelwkazadi, Let's just run away...from here

Kendall Robinson, @Kendallsartcollection, Divine Creation I

Okey Ofomata, @okeyofomata, lapd


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