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  • Chloé Garabedian

Alexander 23 would say "IDK You Yet", so get to know him instead!

The first time I heard Alexander 23’s music was in early 2020, when I was digging through almost every sad playlist I could find on Spotify, looking for a creative outlet to understand what I was experiencing. Soon after listening to his most popular song to date, IDK You Yet, I found comfort in knowing I could connect to a person in a sinuous and emotional way without even being on a first-name basis with them.

The 26 year old artist’s passion for music began at the age of 8 when he picked up guitar lessons, not long after which he found his love for songwriting. This creative escape jump started his singing career.

When asked how he decided to pursue music professionally, Alexander 23 explained, “For me it just came down to what’s going to give me the most fulfillment… It just became increasingly clear that only music was going to fully satisfy that itch to express myself however I wanted.” He uplifts his listeners to do the same and make sense of what makes them feel the most understood, encouraging them to “follow your arrow.”

The artist’s second EP Oh No, Not Again! journeys through the lifespan of a romantic relationship and its aftermath. The more I listen to it, the more I fall in love with it. With his EP Alexander 23 hopes to provide his listeners with a sense of relief by helping them realize their experiences and pain are not only specific to them, though it may feel that way. “This sounds super cliché, but you’re not alone.”

His multi-dimensional approach with the EP is noticeable in his tracklist. The process of producing the EP was accidental and initially unplanned. As he wrote the songs over time, he realized that they tie together to create a storyline. Through his music Alexander 23 reminds us that raw emotion, passion, the intimacy between two people that goes beyond just physical attraction, and intellectual similarities between strangers make life beautifully complex. The intricacy of the EP itself, along with the emotion he expresses in it, together lay a foundation for a fulfilling and purely human story, and encapsulate his boundless capacity for music.

Alexander 23’s ambition is both refreshing and encouraging. When describing the highs and lows of his musical journey, he says, “Don't be afraid to suck.” Mistakes should be made for the purpose of moving forward. “The more music you make, the more you learn about yourself and figure out how you want to convey your emotions.” His ambition should serve as a reminder to rely on no one but your own person to fulfill the path in becoming your best self.

Follow him at @alexander23lol

Listen to his new EP here!


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