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  • Alique Kalachian

An Album, A Feeling, Or A Hug: Diving Into Still Woozy's Debut Album

One word comes to mind when playing Still Woozy’s new album, “If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is”: comfort. Sven Gamsky, commonly known under the alias “Still Woozy”, opens the doors into his personal life with his first full album, giving everyone a peek into what brings him comfort during times where he may be feeling far from it.

“If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is” is a confrontation between Gamsky and his feelings. Rather than running or avoiding the less pleasant emotions, he faces and explores them from a safe space. He finds that safe space in music. Gamsky explained, “I strive for this feeling of warmth that acts as a buffer to some of those harsher feelings.” This peek into the interaction between him and his troubles creates the intimate atmosphere that makes this album so personal and comfortable. The dynamic he creates embodies the idea of simply sitting in your feelings, even if there is the fear of drowning in them. Gamsky explores the pure vulnerability in embracing your emotions and the freedom that results in it. Listening to each track of Still Woozy’s debut is sitting in each of Gamsky’s feelings, perceiving each one and finding a little bit of yourself in them too.

The honest vulnerability Still Woozy portrays through “If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is” creates an intimate moment between himself and the listener. Still Woozy found that safe space to confront and understand his emotions, and gave it to the listener so that they may do the same. He strived to give us the solace he may have needed during the times he himself felt in distress. The emotions he expresses are so real and raw that it almost feels like Gamsky is the one listening to you, agreeing with every word, and deliberately creating conversation between artist and perceiver.

The album is a blend of all the different parts of Gamsky that make him Still Woozy, the pain, the love, the sadness, the happiness, and the vulnerability. The unconforming nature of the music he presents gives each person a different listening experience. While some may find the melodic guitar in his closing song, “These Days” captivating their every sense, others may resonate with Gamsky’s personal thoughts on love in “Before You Were Mine”. He refused to just include one side of him for the sake of “cohesiveness”, but instead focused on making sure the listener was given a peek into all sides of his life and what goes on inside his head. “I like to follow what feels good to me, everything has to sort of pass a litmus test of what feels like me”, said Still Woozy. Being able to encounter the full spectrum of all his thoughts and emotions is what gives us Still Woozy in his most pure form.

With the most raw, vulnerable music he could provide, Still Woozy opens himself up to the world and presents his debut. If this album isn't nice, I Don't Know What Is!

Listen to If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is HERE!

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