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  • Emma Hodgins

An Escape from the Weekday: Get To Know Almost Monday

Always ready to brighten up a weekday is breakout band, Almost Monday. The San-Diego-based trio encapsulates the beautifully messy experience of being human through enthusiastic beats and catchy lyrics. Consisting of Dawson Daugherty (vocals), Cole Clisby (guitar), and Luke Fabry (bass), Almost Monday has crafted an unmistakable sound: uniquely laid-back, yet upbeat. Fever Dream Zine had the opportunity to attend an exclusive press conference with Almost Monday, who offered insights into their music, story, and what lies in the future for this band.

The desire to play music acted as a catalyst for Dawson to unite a childhood friend with a mutual friend, to create the beginnings of what is now Almost Monday. Finding out the name “The Mondays” was already used, after the band had officially taken flight, allowed Dawson to create the concept of “Almost Monday,” and the band was hence born.

The three’s upbringing played an instrumental role in their passion for music. Dawson’s father “religiously” listened to U2, Luke’s dad grew up listening to his father play “Blackbird” on guitar all around the house, and for Cole, it was simply the experience of watching live music.

From high school to their 20s, their popularity began to snowball and grew a loyal fan-base of its own. Eventually, the band decided to make what Luke Fabry calls “the big move” from schooling to pursuing this full-time.

Their endless respect for each other, Luke mentions, allows the band to function and perform with a brother-like chemistry. Playing live music, and creating an experience played a pivotal role in creating the chill vibes that’s became a staple for Almost Monday. The band was created with the intent of bringing joy to another, as Dawson states in the interview. This desire is what propels the band forward and pushes them to perform live music. I think it’s safe to say that their music achieves this.

The writing process for Almost Monday is rarely linear, and in fact, some of the music from the first EP was written after certain songs in this coming EP. In a room with the trio and their producer, collectively they list favorite songs to serve as inspiration, and in time the “magic of the room” takes hold. Due to the three’s proficiency with multiple instruments, work is never just assigned. Rather, an “anything goes” mentality has been adopted, and serves as an opportunity to explore anything that comes to mind.

Nevertheless and without fail, Almost Monday is constantly creating. Their coming EP is no exception to such. Their single “live forever” is lovingly spontaneous, reminiscent of summer adventures with a lover. More importantly, it’s the start of a new era for the band. Experimenting with different visuals and sounds. Lyrically, the EP is tied together by a common theme: “not taking things for granted,” including relationships and time.

As Dawson describes, this EP is simply “different” in more than sounds and visuals, but rather down to the energy of the music. In this second project, there are certain tracks with much more unexplored vulnerability and emotion. Yet, Almost Monday never fails to disappoint in giving listeners that authentically Californian feel with their catchy melodies, and an abundance of pop culture references. As Cole explains, the media that the band consumes creeps its way into inspiration for music videos and lyrics, capturing a melting pot of experiences within several minutes.

In the coming months, they will be performing alongside Tyler The Creator and Lizzo in a music festival, and releasing this eagerly anticipated EP. Music truly unites, and hearing the catchy tunes of Almost Monday leaves the lasting impression of such.


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