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  • Angie Mitilian

Be “True” To Yourself: JAWNY And His Everchanging Creative Process

JAWNY at his core is a storyteller, and his muse is the world. From childhood influences to the simple facts about his life turned into a play on truth, JAWNY’s creative process is never linear but always rings “true” to listeners looking for relatable emotions.

JAWNY grew up listening to his dad jam to the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd which inspired him to pick up playing the guitar at age 6. Growing up in the Bay Area, he was surrounded by the influences of Green Day, leaving an impression on his music. Soon, he found himself immersed in southern rock on the radio when he moved to South Carolina. These two styles soon combined when he decided to pursue a career in music and launched his sound cloud rap career at 16. Young JAWNY decided he was going to be a rap producer, experimenting with rap beats and gradually and subconsciously mixing all of his musical exposures into the DNA spiral that influenced his music-making process today. JAWNY’s latest beats feature drum beats of his early rap days, guitar from southern gospel influences, and an overall bedroom rock ambiance that encapsulates JAWNY’s essence through your headphones. His changing life contributed to his music and shows the complexity of human emotion and experience.

JAWNY’s creative advice can honestly apply to anybody experimenting in any art medium in pursuit of telling a story. JAWNY stated that the best way to tell a story is to be "true" to yourself and not try to be someone you're not. “Do what you want to do,'' JAWNY elaborated, “Don't worry about other people who gives a f*ck.” Although it sounds like a cheesy elementary school answer, it's a piece of advice a lot of artists need to hear. With his upcoming album “It’s Never Fair, Always True”, JAWNY portrays relatable feelings and emotions hoping it “rings true”. This album clearly represents his advice and how it was taken to heart during his creative process even when changes occur. Listen to JAWNY’s anticipated debut album on March 23rd 2023!

Listen to their latest music: fall in love & true



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