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  • Elena Marti

Caroline Rose At The Chapel in San Francisco

An incredibly dynamic musician, Caroline Rose delivered on both the punk-rock attitude and as an honest, down-to-earth performer.

When minor audio issues arose, Rose filled the time by telling the story of how they ‘almost’ could have had their song “Feel the Way I Want To” in the Barbie movie, but were too starstruck when they met Greta Gerwig to actually say much. “My manager called me and told me Greta was in the building, so then we had to have a fake conversation to get us in the same room. So I’m in the kitchen making fake tea; it’s real tea, but I didn't actually want it.” But then as the two actually started to have a conversation, Rose started to simply back away slowly from Gertwig until they weren’t even in the same room anymore. “So, yeah fumbled that bag,” Rose laughed into the mic.

I arrived at this show a fan of Caroline Rose’ music, but I left as a person determined to see them again, confident they are exactly what is needed in the music industry right now.

Always creating time for their fans even in the middle of their set, Rose signed several vinyls with the microphone still in hand - with sharpies handed to them by the front row. Rose was also vocal and honest about the hardships of being a working-class musician, having specifically requested to do 2 shows at The Chapel in San Francisco, one of the longest standing independently owned venues in the Bay Area. Rose is also active with the United Musicians and Allied Workers labor union which helps independent artists navigate the music industry and advocating for fair pay, merch rights and streaming royalty distribution.

Their encore was a special site, as the band began to play the first chords of “The Kiss” alone on stage, the crowd turned their heads searching for where Rose’ voice was coming from. Suddenly appearing on the 2nd floor balcony, Rose slowly descended the stairs until they climbed up onto the bar at the very back of the venue. Then like a scene out of a movie, the crowd carried Rose from the back to the stage all the way up to the front, in the most epic crowdsurf I’ve ever seen. We hope to see you all at the next Caroline Rose show!

Photos Taken By: Elena Marti


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