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  • Nicole Kavros

Claire Rosinkranz’s “Just Because” Is The Perfect Teenage-Girl Anthem

Listening to singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz’s debut album feels more like being on a Facetime call with your BFF.

Claire’s playful music and soft voice provide a direct contrast to her strikingly relatable lyrics, making for the perfect portrayal of girlhood. It’s a rare phenomenon that artists are able to so accurately capture every emotion and detail about growing up, but Claire manages to give her fans the most raw screenshot of coming-of-age.

“There are a lot of people who write their music, but there’s also a lot of people who don’t. And I think, honestly, everybody’s experiences are very different. Especially this album, I went through stuff that I think is very unique to my personal experience. I also think that those experiences and the way I wrote the songs, people can relate to them, and make people feel like (the songs) are their own,” Claire shared.

Although the success of singles like “Backyard Boy” and “don’t miss me” launched her into up-and-coming stardom, Claire’s just like any other 19-year-old girl. She wears blue star pimple patches and binge-watches The Summer I Turned Pretty. She planned her listening party only three days before the album came out.

She’s just like us.

And that’s what makes her music so special. It feels like it came straight from the pages of your diary.

“I feel everything very heavily, and I think that comes through my music,” expressed Claire.

Claire says that the best places to listen to her music are on the beach, driving through canyons or on coasts, and basically anywhere in nature.

Her album is basically the backdrop to growing up—a perfect soundtrack to play when you’re feeling those all-too-familiar growing pains of nearing the end of your teen years.

“Sad in Hawaii” pairs one of Claire’s most personal stories with a catchy tune. “Swinging at the Stars,” which Claire predicted would be the fan favorite, is fun and airy in a way that makes you want to dance around your bedroom.

Claire’s media presence is another thing that makes her the effortlessly cool girl we all look up to. She loves a good Instagram photo dump, and in everything she posts, she tries to not take herself too seriously. Even her album cover was inspired by the casual, unposed aesthetic of her social media.

Her creative director follows her on the road and in her everyday life. She gives him credit for capturing her persona so well.

“This whole entire album is very coming-of-age, carefree, growing up, free spirit, and that’s kind of all of who I am. So he was able to just see it in real time and take that, and put it into my visuals,” said Claire.

“Just Because” is a strong debut from one of the music industry’s most relatable and real artists. Claire is a big sister, a best friend, and the voice in our heads that tells us it’s all going to be okay.

Listen to their latest music HERE



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