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  • Valentina Ramirez

COIN In Concert: Uncanny Valley Tour Gallery

COIN does it again. And to be clear we’re talking about the band, not a flat round piece of metal with an official stamp used as money. Florida was lucky enough to have COIN end its Uncanny Valley tour in three major Florida cities. Just a week before the show Florida went through hurricane Ian which brought distress to the community. With such a dark cloud above us, COIN came to brighten up the skies. The last time they were in Orlando, COIN played at the House of Blues where there were too many of us to fit. This year they moved to a bigger and better venue that created an experience like never before. From the beginning to the end they had fans on their toes waiting to jam out to the next songs. Fans varied from girls in their early 20s to young 10-year-olds who were accompanied by their moms, who also knew all the words to their songs. The COIN crowd was unbeatable, so much positive and joyous energy radiated from the crowd as they were celebrating the last date on tour. COIN gave it their all to make sure their last show was one to remember. Ending the set with "Crash My Car", confetti streamed out into the crowd making the last song a core memory for everyone. Fans left the venue in a state of fulfillment waiting for the next tour announcement to live through it all again.

Photos Taken By: Valentina Ramirez


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