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  • Michelle Khachatryan

How Ally Wei and Liya Yang Depict The Human Experience In Their Upcoming Film: “All of My Feelings."

Ally Wei and Liya Yang are co-producing the short film “All of My Feelings,” which

becomes a visceral representation of human emotion and connection. A timeline following five

individuals and their journeys towards understanding the heights of their emotions stems from

inspiration by Fellows Collective (a community-based art organization) founder Ally Wei on her

photo-journal album called “All of My Friends.” This short film becomes an elevated pivot to a

multimedia approach to storytelling. Ally and Liya utilize various forms of artistic mediums such

as photography, animations, and poetry to follow elements such as joy, nostalgia, love, grief, and

loneliness that become translated from person to person.

On a closer look at the filmmakers, reaching empathy from an audience is one of the

essential things to check off on a storytelling list. Ally recalls what also initially drove her and

Liya to make their short film:

“Things spiraled, and we started talking about the potential of a short film, changing “All of My Friends” to “All of My Feelings.” A few initial inspirations for the film were Maude Latour’s “Lola” music video, with its use of multimedia and flashing of memories being made, as well as Saktian’s (@rodagenic) insane use of music and cinema through dance. Both these references have a really strong use of intertwining emotions through different mediums, and they were definitely the jumping point to creating our film.” Liya emphasizes the importance of intuitive cinema, which heavily relates to “All of My Feelings:”

“Over the summer, I came across this notion of intuitive cinema, which are films that are easy to feel or resonate with because of the cinematography, characters, and visual atmosphere that the film creates. I was very drawn to this idea of not simply understanding the story, but really feeling it. Whether it was depicting loneliness or happiness, I really wanted to create something that the audience can feel utterly vulnerable with and connected to. Wong Kar Wai–his timeless films, charming characters, and stylistic shots–will always be a huge inspiration to me. Other films I draw a lot of inspiration from are: A Ghost Story, The Worst Person in the World, The Little Prince, Burning.”

Ally and Liya want the audience to feel an utter understanding of how the human experience

becomes universal. They strive to capture these moments and experiences that exist in every

relationship. Human emotions become a fundamental concept within the film that many should

pay attention to. Being able to depict the rawness of what individuals undergo in life is

something we, as the audience, can easily relate to on screen.

As it becomes evident that it takes a village to create something meaningful for the visual world,

“All of My Feelings” has launched an official 60-day Kickstarter page to raise $8,000 in funding

for the film:

“We want to invite anyone who is passionate about the health of our minds and the connection with others to join our community. With a lot of cute perks and insane events to come during this fundraising period, we would love to create a community to propel our story and stay in the loop. Whether you live in LA, or anywhere around the world, “ALL OF MY FEELINGS” is made for people passionate about learning, growing, and exploring the intricacies of the human experience.”

Whether it's watching a heartbreak or loss being depicted on a screen, we all can find empathy

within the characters as they can connect to us in some way. Yet, having an importance on

visuals makes a story engaging to the eye, which by no doubt from their inspirations like The

Worst Person in the World and Maude Latour’s “Lola” music video, Ally and Liya seem to have

mastered this cinematic art. Here at Fever Dream, we continue to build a platform to support one

another on our journeys to understanding how art can imitate life or vice versa. A creative outlet

that appreciates artistic intimacy and honing diversity in our community is vital for our

generation. But saying and doing are two different things.

Supporting artists like Ally and Liya is what we are all about and what you should be all about!

Make sure to follow @allofmyfeelingsfilm Instagram and TikTok @fellowscollective to be

up-to-date on the short film! And check out their website for @fellowscollective for further

details along with previous and future projects.


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