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How Have You Been? Good, Now That Giant Rooks is On Tour

German indie rock band Giant Rooks wants to know how you’ve been, in lieu of the release of their new album and ongoing international tour.

With tracks reminiscent of Bon Iver, White Lies, or Declan McKenna, the band has produced an album called How Have You Been?, that is hard-hitting and thoughtful. The band’s lyricism has a classic feel, and each song brings a unique narrative element to the album.

The album is 46 minutes long, which was a thoughtful choice “amid a time of fast-paced content consumption,” according to a press release. Each song is a touch on the experiences, good and bad, that the band has lived through in the last few years.

Giant Rooks’s sound has evolved since their first releases in 2017, and since the major streaming success of their debut album, Rookery, in 2020. The band has solidified their grasp on their songwriting aesthetic, and has created a uniform yet different feeling for each of their songs.

Fred Rabe, the band’s lead vocalist, says that the band’s songwriting process has been smooth sailing since taking a break to focus on live shows after their debut.

“We were almost shocked at how quickly and how well we were able to work together and come up with new songs,” said Rabe during a press release.

He adds that now the band does a lot of writing all the time, even when they’re on tour. Like right now.

“It’s a very nice adventure for us, to be always working on music. Especially when we’re on the road,” said Rabe. ”It’s really fun to be on tour but at the same time work on songs as well. And to get inspiration from all these people that you meet on tour.”

In terms of the album title, How Have You Been? is a question that can go both ways, according to the band’s press release earlier this year. Giant Rooks are asking their listeners how they have been, and the question, “how have Giant Rooks been?” is answered in their new album.

“How Have You Been? is an introspective personal inventory,” says a press release from the band. “[It is] an honest illustration of what Giant Rooks are all about.”

Rabe adds that authenticity in the creative process is what has really made the band’s music sound the way it does. Not to mention, it makes their songwriting process work.

“When we are in a room together…playing around and jamming together, that is enough,” said Rabe. “That is somewhat like our DNA of the band, and what feels most natural.”

The band is currently on their tour, and have been since earlier this year. Their tour will end later this summer, in Germany, the band’s home country.

Photos Taken By: Sarah Dinse

Stream “How Have You Been?” HERE


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