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  • Phoebe Lili Scott-Scarth


Radiating positivity and the groovy vibe we all aspire to have, Treacy is back and blessing our ears with her new EP ‘High Heels in the Moshpit’. The alternative pop/ rock style artist feels most “herself” with her recent release- pairing 60s/ 70s psychedelia with a funky sound that is bound to get you dancing!

Michelle gives an exclusive insight to the origins of her career (with her once-in-a-lifetime performance with Lady Gaga), as well as growing into her most authentic self- with Michelle’s “true colours” radiating through this EP.

With the highlight tracks “It Feels So Good To be Back” as well as “Love Every Minute”, Treacy’s free-spirited flair will inspire all to indulge in spontaneity! As Treacy’s partner states, her life resembles “a kid’s birthday party” which sounds like a dream to me…

I spoke to Michelle about her fresh creative process and inspiration behind her music, alongside overcoming the restrictions of the pandemic to find her “truest self”.

1. I would love to begin with the amazing kick start you had to your career! I remember seeing your performance with Lady Gaga during her ArtRave Tour on YouTube way back in 2014- how did this feel for you to perform in such a memorable setting?

“This was the moment I realized I’m on the right path and this is exactly what I want to do forever. Singing in an arena was the best. “

2. Your bold and funky identity on social media is so refreshing! Do you find that this helped to bring out a more unique/ authentically ‘Treacy’ style to your new release?

“Firstly, thank you so much. I am finally living my truest self. My partner calls me life “a kids birthday party” which I am totally okay with. I am finally free, happy, healing and happy to show my colours (no pun intended) & live the life I am supposed to. I want to feel happy. That’s my life goal. Peace and happiness.”

3. The care-free vibe of your EP is relatable for all listeners in our current climate, with COVID 19 placing our lives on hold for some time allowing us to adapt to the new world we live in. How do you find your new perspective of maximum creativity, yet minimal agenda has changed your dynamic of music?

“If we never had a pandemic - I would have never written this record. Before the pandemic I had a whole other record finished in a totally different lane. It was me but it wasn’t fully me. I had to grow through the pain. The time off really had me sitting around thinking about who I truly am, and what I want to put out into the world. My producer had been begging me to dive into this sound for 5 years. And, for the first time ever, I truly felt like myself while recording. I think from now on I’ll trust my gut - stop chasing & just enjoy where I am, make music I love, and love who I am becoming.

4. I find it really interesting that some of your inspiration for this EP stemmed from ‘groovy’ pop-culture such as Austin Powers, can you expand on how this influenced your creative style?

“I have always been a spicy girl. I love Austin Powers, I love the colours, I love the 60s and 70s *I was born into the wrong era* BUT bringing that vibe to 2021 is the best feeling. I hope people are ready to get groovy again cuz it’s here baby!”

5. Finally, to wrap up our questions, what is your personal highlight of creating this EP- and what message would you like listeners to embrace when they listen?

“There were so many highlights - screaming when we got the cover shot, recording the whole thing naked in my closet while my partner Kyle Teixeira engineered, sending everything to my producer Yung Spielburg in LA, having amazing producers Eraserhoodsound in Philly recording everything to tape and writing this record on zoom with Rick Tempoaro & Yung Spielburg. Then having the absolute best A&R in the world Mike Torres. I couldn’t have done it without my team. They really allowed me to get in and get dirty. I am a lucky gal.”

Listen to their latest EP on SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC | DEEZER to unleash your inner groove!

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