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  • Julia Finocchiaro

In Holy Flux Tour: Weyes Blood Unleashed

Weyes Blood brought her "In Holy Flux" tour to Boston and mesmerized the audience from start to finish. Whistler Molly Lewis opened the show, and she was one of the most unique opening acts I had ever seen. I was not familiar with professional whistling before, but Molly was able to play a full set of unique songs by just whistling along to a backing track. When it was time for Weyes Blood's set, you could feel the energy shift in the room to a darker, quieter tone. Natalie Mering, the woman behind the Weyes Blood alter-ego, opened the set with "It's Not Just Me, It's Everybody" off her new album "And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow." Surrounded by candles and lit as a silhouette for much of the performance, Mering's powerful, yet smooth voice echoed throughout the venue, captivating the audience as she moved and twirled around the stage in a stunning flowy white dress. She ended the main set with "Hearts Aglow" and returned for a 2-song encore before fully wrapping up the show for the night.

Opener: Molly Lewis

Weyes Blood


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