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is GenZ political?

GenZ has gotten a reputation for sticking our noses in just about any issue, yet I rarely see us rallying for certain political candidates or parties. Why is that?

The answer is simple, we don’t advocate for individual agendas, we advocate for justice. We don’t care about someone’s promises, we look for what actions they’ve done in the past that show us they are apt for the job. We are an action-forward and action-seeking generation.

This is good, because we are not loyal to a single cause except for justice. Imagine how many people voted for Donald Trump, not because they respected him as a candidate, but because they had a sense of loyalty to the Republican Party, albeit blind loyalty.

GenZ will be the generation to change the culture of thought and politics around the world. We don’t seek shallow promises and charismatic smiles, we seek honest representatives who have the best interest of everyone in mind. Not only the 1% or a single race or gender. We have decided enough is enough. When we control the world, it will be the best it has ever been, be it through manifestation or not.

Lian Pérez Cedeño


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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