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ISSUE 2 EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation with Rain on Fridays

In honor of Rain on Fridays new single "No Feet Mailman," we are busting out the not-so vintage article featured in our second issue, panorama.

Music as we know it is constantly evolving in this new age. In our times, the accessibility to exploring and making new music has increased so much, making music sound fresher and fresher with every production. Music has turned out to be almost too complex to even be described by one genre, giving so many artists more room to create something beyond the usual.

Rain on Fridays, a duo band formed locally in San Diego, is certainly familiar to this concept. Madi and Jess, two music enthusiasts decided to start making their own sounds right in their garage. With the versatility and room for creativity in the new era of music, they developed their own unique sound, mixing many different types of genres.

Originating in San Diego has definitely influenced their music. “We both grew up going to local shows, and the surf culture here has definitely influenced my guitar playing for example” said Jess. Being exposed to the music scene from a young age gave the two of them a chance to really develop a complex feel between different genres and styles of music. When asked what they felt their music genre was, both Madi and Jess gave pretty elaborate answers. In Jess’s words, their music is “all different genres coming together into one.” Madi describes their music to be “like indie-emo-rock” which is a pretty accurate description.

Madi and Jess have been able to use the new era of music to their advantage. “It’s a lot easier to put out your own music, for sure, anyone can put out their own music now,” said Madi. The opportunity to get new music out there is much more open to a wider spectrum of people, giving many people a chance to give the industry a shot. This is what Rain on Fridays did with their first album, Mono Monday. After their first album, Rain on Fridays decided to shift into a different pace, with new sounds in their other dingles “Hooked” and “Desperate Invasion.” They saw their debut album as a sort of stepping stone to get them to their later singles. “The singles brought us more fluidity into our music,” said Jess. Madi also pointed out that, “Those last two songs had a lot of meaning captured in them… we were directly saying something with those songs, whereas our other music had more of a hidden message in them.”

Rain on Fridays is coming up with new exciting stuff for 2021. They have many new singles and some EPs ready for release soon!! Their first single for the year is expected to come around March 2021 called “Hey Man!” In their new song, Rain on Fridays channeled their “punk” side a little bit more, bringing us a more upbeat tune. “For me personally the song is kind of about feeling socially awkward, especially during shows…” mentioned Madi. Rain on Fridays brings super authentic feelings with this new song, exposing a more vulnerable side of them.


Want to read more? Purchase issue 2: panorama HERE


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