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  • Angie Mitilian

Meet Flowerovlove: her perspective from fashion to music!

Meet 15 year old Joyce Cisse! She is an all-around accomplished London-born musician! At her prime she juggles modeling, making music, and school. Her career is booming, all with the help of passion and dedication, @flowerovlove, is a girl who proves that anything is possible. Fever Dream got the exciting opportunity to her a few questions about her music career and fashion inspo!

[Fever Dream] What is your favorite piece in your closet?

[Joyce] My favorite piece in my closet right now will have to be a 70s pop-funk pink & black jacket vest, I got it at portobello road market. I was able to bargain my way into getting it reduced by £25, I always have great experiences there the energy is amazing so that definitely adds to why I adore the item.

[Fever Dream] What inspires your style and the way you dress?

[Joyce] Definitely all the movies from the 80s that I watch every character have amazing style. In addition, people in London have a sensational style so I pick up things from people’s outfits I see.

[Fever Dream] How do you choose your color palettes for every outfit?

[Joyce] I visualize an outfit and think of the colour contrast, as of now I’m definitely going for minimal earth tones and on the other hand vibrant vivid bright colours.

[Fever Dream] What’s a piece of fashion advice you live by?

[Joyce] Clothes have no gender

[Fever Dream] In your opinion, what is the most unique thing about your style, what sets you apart from others?

[Joyce] The fact that I’m genuinely comfortable and I wear things because I like it and not because it’s trendy, the fact that I wear clothes that I’d like to see on a person and be like ‘wow what a woman’.

[Fever Dream] What kinds of genres do you try to embody with your music?

[Joyce] I’m not limiting myself to a particular genre I’m definitely swimming into everything.

[Fever Dream] What artist/album inspired you to create music?

[Joyce] Lonerism- Tame Impala. It’s very empowering to me and sends messages to me like no other album has.

[Fever Dream] How do you come up with the music you write? Is it through personal experiences or things you observe?

[Joyce] From my life and my moods. I hope that my music sends out hope to people that whatever it is you’ll overcome it, if you fall down 100 times it’s 100 lessons to learn that’s all.

[Fever Dream] Which is your most experimental song? What can you tell us about the writing process for that one?

[Joyce] One of my first songs ‘around the block’, it’s unreleased, it was a hardcore rap track, 3 years ago my brother left me in our garage and was like ‘when I come back I want you to have written a verse’ so when he came back from the kitchen to get food I had about 6 lines which were pretty cool I imagined myself being a gangster in London and just embodied that into a song.

[Fever Dream] What are you currently working on ;)

[Joyce] I’m currently working on a song that’ll reflect the essence of my West African roots. I’m really excited to see how this song turns out. For now, I’m having fun it’s all about going with the flow and just relaxing!!!

go watch the FAT WAVE music video out now!

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