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  • Maria Galstyan

My Rant About Alex Sloane

You know when you’re in a really nice dream? You’re swimming in a haze, the colors either too soft or too bright, the emotions spinning in your head and your heart. You feel peace and yet you also feel despair, because you can’t figure out whether you’re asleep, and even if you know you are, the despair doesn’t leave, because then, it’s the panging wish that you could stay here forever. It’s the wish that you could stay in this haze away from the world, all the voices either a muted laughter like the ones in childhood memories or a bold and up close conversation directly by your ear. You feel good, you feel safe, and most importantly, you just feel.

That’s how Alex Sloane’s music feels.

That’s how talking to Alex Sloane feels in general, to be honest.

And while this seems great, I’ve developed one big complaint because of it.

You see, for weeks, months even, I’ve tried to write this article. I’ve tried gathering any information I could find, both from my interview with Alex and from articles online. I’ve even – and I’m so not proud to say this – used ChatGPT to see what an artificial intelligence machine would say about her.

And after months of effort – nothing.

Nothing depicts what Alex Sloane’s music or persona is truly like.

So here’s the basis of my complaint: I was told to describe a person whose music and persona I can’t, in fact, describe, because Alex Sloane is like a dream personified. Alex Sloane as a singer and producer is someone I can't explain, because her music makes you feel beyond reality. Alex Sloane as a person is someone I can’t explain either, because her vulnerability and persona are things you read about in storybooks. Alex Sloane is someone I can’t properly describe, and it is so, so frustrating.

But I refuse to give up, and instead, will use a different route.

So here’s my rant/story/article about Alex Sloane, and her latest album, Dear Diary.

I met with Alex on zoom. It was Super Bowl weekend; I remember that because one of the people working on her team said so. Looking back on that day, the memories are quite hazy, like a dream, and I honestly wonder if I say that because of the lack of solid memories or because Alex Sloane looks like she’s from someone’s dream. Search up her name right now, and you’ll understand what I mean. But what makes her persona the most dreamlike, what connects her persona with her music as well, is her voice. Alex Sloane has one of the softest, most melodic voices you will ever hear. The best part? She uses that as a trademark in her music.

Listen to her latest album, Dear Diary, after reading this article (or during it, that might actually be better). One of my favorite tracks is “Mine,” so I’d recommend that. Listen to the electronic elements fuse with the indie style, gliding across your ears with the elements of pop. Hear the melodic voice, the echoing lyrics that repeat themselves again and again, putting you into a haze. Imagine yourself being engulfed in this dreamlike state, realizing what I mean when I say that Alex Sloane’s music goes beyond the regular. It transcends it, like an actual dream.

But Alex didn’t stop there, no. Because with her melodies, also come the lyrics. The genius and beauty of Alex’s lyrical abilities are best realized in the song “Kinda Hate U Kinda Love U,” in my opinion. While the melody and beats in Alex’s songs take you into the dreamlike state, the lyrics make you feel safe enough to stay there. Because when Alex makes music, she shares a part of herself each time, she becomes vulnerable, and her lyrics are the way she does it. She doesn’t overwhelm you with long-winded and complex verbal mysteries you have to solve while listening – she keeps it simple. Her songs are kept to short, vulnerable, and powerful sentences that are so simple to understand that you can’t help but simply listen, simply feel them. She creates an unspoken connection between you and her, creating a space of vulnerability and safety that you can bask in for those few melodic minutes. Alex Sloane makes you feel.

Alex Sloane and her music are so much more than this. And yet, I feel as though you must uncover the rest yourself. Because when music makes you feel safe, when it makes you feel as though you’re somewhere in a haze, it’s best to keep it personal – it’s best to discover that dream yourself.

Listen to their latest music HERE



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