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  • Anya Fernihough

New Hope Club: A New Sound

New Hope Club is a British pop-rock trio consisting of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith. These Mancunian musicians formed in 2015 and have had major success on YouTube and the UK charts. Their most recent double release of L.U.S.H. and Walk It Out has already reached over 500 thousand streams total on Spotify, with this being just the beginning of what they have in store for us.

I had the opportunity to attend their press conference for their new single, and get an insight into their whole creative process behind the two songs. When asked about their inspirations for this double release, the band agreed that they wanted to write songs that represented them live, in terms of vibe and tempo. They explained that following some time experimenting with different ideas in the studio, they stumbled upon the riff for L.U.S.H., and from there the song almost wrote itself. Throughout the songwriting process, they wanted to make a clear step forward from their last album, trying not to constrict themselves to a specific genre or sound, and allowing them to produce music that was more honest, real and true to themselves.

During the interview, the trio talked fondly about their touring experience, particularly through the US. Being their first tour since the pandemic, they were thankful for being able to get back on stage and play their new tunes. They recall it being a ‘pinch-me’ moment to see all their fans out there in the audience and how grateful they were for it. NHC also spoke about their time headlining a festival in Asia, calling it a surreal moment with lots of memories: a whole different atmosphere. They found it crazy to think how far their music had reached, and that even though English was not the audience’s first language, they were still singing along to all their songs and having a great time, showing the power of music and its ability to connect people from all over. They also mentioned that this festival was a nice change from the tiny English towns back home!

The subject of their music videos was also discussed: the group revealed the concept and creative process behind the video for L.U.S.H.. They wanted it to stray away from the vibe of their past videos and have a lot more fun with the storytelling. The beautiful cinematography, the creative directing and the overall humour is clear throughout, and is something they should be very proud of. In addition to this, I was treated to a sneak-peek of some of their new music videos, and while I won’t spoil them for you all, I will say that I am extremely excited for their official release!

Looking back on their songwriting process, the trio said that they really benefited from the advice that their executive producer, Ross Golan, gave them, as it allowed them to improve their own confidence and help them throughout the whole process. They really appreciated the time they had to pick his brain, and were grateful for all his help in the production of this double release.To round-off the press conference, New Hope Club shared some of their own advice for any new and aspiring musicians; to trust your gut feelings, to find balance, to enjoy every moment and never take anything for granted.

Click here to listen to L.U.S.H. and Walk It Out!



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