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Normalized Misogyny op/ed

By: Cameron Paige

Normalized Misogyny in today's society needs to be talked about. There is lots of normalized misogyny on a daily that women will hear. It can go from “You're strong for a girl” to catcalling and even worse. Lots of boys are not aware of how misogynistic and bad these types of things are, because it’s normalized. Being mean to a girl because you like them, or telling someone to “ man up” is not ok. I want to make this to educate people on how talking like this to women is not ok. In this article, I am only gonna cover some of the misogynistic things that are taught to be ok by society. The first thing that I want to cover is that it is ok to cry if you are a boy. A lot of boys feel like they can’t express their emotions or that they can not cry, you should not feel like less of a man just because you cried. It is sad because this is a normalized issue. The next thing that I want to cover is men catcalling women. Catcalling is disgusting. There are women that will be catcalled on a daily basis. What is even more sad is that young girls will get catcalled to. Catcalling makes women feel really uncomfortable. When you catcall a woman you are treating them as objects. You are not cool if you catcall women, you're just being a jerk. All of these are so normalized, and gross things. Telling women that they are strong for a girl, is misogynistic. I know that people might consider me a snowflake, but I don’t care, I am simply just educating. When you say that you are referring to the fact that women are weak. Women are strong, and just as strong as a man. Women spent decades fighting for their rights and protesting just to be able to vote. Women are strong. This is a pretty short article, but I just wanted to educate a bit.


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