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  • Justice Petersen

Peaches and Dream: Grace Gardner Talks About Her Debut EP “Peach”

Texas singer/songwriter Grace Gardner recently released her debut EP, “Peach”, on March 3.

Inspired by her parent’s favorite artists from the 1970s and 1980s, as well as her own favorite

bands (Fleetwood Mac especially), Gardner uses her incredible musical abilities to create

compositionally intricate and dreamlike songs about heartbreak, self-love and relationships.

Before the release of “Peach”, Gardner spoke in a press conference about the process of putting

together the EP, inspirations behind the aesthetics of the album, and what this album means to


“Peach” has four songs, two of which, “Parcel” and “Deny Me”, were previously released as

singles before the album’s debut. The songs on the album address themes centered around love,

healing, and what may happen in the aftermath of letting someone go.

Gardner produced the entire EP herself, something she says she’s very proud of. Her first song,

“Radio Silence”, was not produced by her. She doesn’t perform it so much now, as she says it

doesn’t seem to represent who she is as an artist anymore. Gardner says she enjoyed being so

involved in the production process of “Peach”.

“I feel more in touch with my artistry with every release,” she says.

In her music, Gardner sings with poetic vulnerability. Writing unapologetically through her own

perspective as well as others, Gardner writes about healing and navigating through love.

“I use songwriting as a tool to gain understanding about the things around me,” says Gardner.

Talking about the overall theme of “Peach”, Gardner describes the EP as a “processing project”.

Songs on the album are Gardner’s attempts to understand how or why certain things were

happening to her at different points in her life. One song, “Designated Driver”, she describes as a

friend break-up song - something that sometimes hurts more than actual breakups.

“Unrequited love in multiple ways shows up on the album, both romantically and platonically

speaking,” says Gardner.

The process of making “Peach” involved a lot of remote collaboration. Gardner worked with

friends who would send recordings of instruments for the album.

“It was hard to do it alone, mostly because of the feelings that were contained in it and were

tough to process alone without other collaborators to work through them with you,” says

Gardner. “I’m looking forward to having some more in-person collaboration for my album.”

Gardner says that this album, which will be her debut full-length studio release, may hopefully

come out some time this summer or fall.

The EP’s vintage-esque cover shows a set of keys and keychains against a dark blue background

next to the EP’s title listed numerous times along the left side of the cover. On the cover, fans

can spot several Easter eggs of Gardner’s previous songs, such as “Scorpions Don’t Live

Forever” (a favorite among fellow Scorpios such as Gardner) and “Parcel”.

The title is inspired by numerous aesthetics and aspects of Gardner’s life. Growing up in

rural Texas, Gardner recalls the town of Fredericksburg, a city outside of Austin, that she says

was “famous” for peaches.

“I was raised to think that these peaches were God’s nectar,” Gardner laughs. “So peaches were

always my favorite fruit. I would wait every spring and summer. We would go down there so

much and get so many peaches. They were just a central part of my childhood.”

Gardner says that films such as “Parasite” (2019) and “Call Me By Your Name” (2017) also inspired the album name when peaches were used as a symbol for bad things about to happen.

And lastly, Peach happens to be the name of her ex’s cat.

Grace Gardner creates music with vivid lyrics and an edgy peacefulness. Her work combines the

rustic charm and authenticity of Texas combined with the multi-instrumental components found

in the jazz music of New Orleans, where she also lived for some time. Gardner’s music is

dreamy, relatable, and heartbreakingly honest.

In her song “Deny Me”, Gardner sings,

“Will you deny me? Tell me the way I’ve got a death grip on someday

Well, maybe it’s got me the other way around

Do me a favor and let me down”

Gardner seems to be saying that, as painful as it is, it’s best if the one she loves doesn’t love her

back. It’s this bittersweetness in her lyrics that fans adore so much. As heartbreaking as her

words are, one can’t deny that Gardner is the next indie artist to keep your eye on.

“Peach” is out now on all streaming platforms. <3



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