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  • Isabella Keroglyan

Spotlight on Author Yūko Tsushima and Her Piece “Territory of Light”

The Author: Yūko Tsushima

Born in the lively city of Tokyo, Satoko Tsushima, an enchantingly passionate and wistful writer, captivated readers under her pen name Yūko Tsushima. With an innate ability to grasp the intricacies of human relationships, her writing effortlessly brought alive the feelings and thoughts we once assumed were inexpressible, seamlessly converting them into heartfelt and graceful sentences. In the face of misfortune during her adolescent years, bearing the loss of her father, the renowned literary writer Osamu Dazai, Tsushima arose as an invincible force, appointing herself as one of her generation’s most memorable Japanese writers. Drawing from her life experiences, her writing was authentic and deeply emotional, exploring the depths of alienation, solitude, and the search for identity. Later embarking on the journey of single motherhood herself, Tsushima’s literary work took a transformative turn, delving into the complexities of motherhood, female identity, and the intricacies of human relationships. With unparalleled elegance and the power to grasp the essence of human behavior, her poetic work worked itself into the literary world, leaving an unforgettable mark.

The First Meeting

As I roamed the aisles of a used bookstore, my eyes fixated upon a slender book with a bright blue binder nestled between two dully colored, weighty books. Intrigued, I lifted it from its resting place, feeling the rough texture of its yellowing cover and the soft creases of its water-damaged pages. As I read the synopsis, I was drawn in; “Her new home is filled with light, streaming through the windows, so bright you have to squint, but she finds herself plummeting deeper into darkness; becoming unstable, untethered.”

From that moment, I knew that “Territory of Light” was a book I had to take home with me. I discovered a poetic voice within each page that sparked both soft and powerful emotions. With a delicate touch, Yūko Tsushima’s writing explored the complications of motherhood, loneliness, and personal development through a world that was both familiar and unfamiliar. In my peaceful moments of reading, I discovered myself carried to a world of light and darkness, a world where the deepest truths were concealed beneath the surface. “Territory of Light” had woven its charm around me, and I was powerless to resist its allure.

The Book

Yūko Tsushima’s “Territory of Light” is a hauntingly radiant story that follows a young woman and her two-year-old daughter navigating life in Tokyo after the protagonist’s split from her husband. Throughout the novel she and her daughter endure a series of challenges, encompassing work complications, neighborhood conflicts, and an unexpected visit from her ex-husband. However, light perpetually lingers nearby, providing solace and reassurance. Composed of twelve short chapters spanning over a year of the protagonist’s life, the novel is full of light that can be both comforting and unsettling. The light motif takes on various forms, such as sunlight streaming through windows, distant firework sparks, glistening floodwaters, and de-saturated streetlamps. Through Tsushima’s delicate and beautifully structured writing, the reader is taken on a journey exploring themes of isolation, identity, and the search for meaning, delving deep into the human mind and emotions. “Territory of Light” leaves an unforgettable mark on the reader, leading them to another world where her vividly powerful and bright words reveal the beauty of life’s joys and sufferings.


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