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  • Alique Kalachian

Tae! The Perfect Artist For Your Summer 2021 Playlist

Moonlight, Tae’s newest single, is THE song to blast with your car windows down on a cool summer evening. It is the perfect song to listen to with all your friends, singing along to her music together, wishing the moment would never end.

Tae, Spotify's favorite up-and-coming artist, is a 22-year-old alt-pop singer and songwriter with hits in multiple playlists on Spotify, including “Lorem”. Tae fell in love with music at a young age when she would always be found singing and making art. “I was also a very visual person,” said Tae, who never found talking her emotions out easy. “I started writing poems and songs super early on to deal with situations. It’s therapy for me, then and now,” she explained.

Tae avoids staying in one “cookie-cutter” genre. She appreciates different kinds of experimentation, letting her music evolve with her as she goes. She takes this inspiration from artists like Frank Ocean, Tame Impala, and New Order. “I like that they experiment and step out of their genre, it motivates me to make each song it’s own special journey,” she says. With each new single comes a new side of Tae, and a new experience to discover. Every song gives Tae a new wall to break down, new paths to find, and new feelings to sing about.

The beginning of Tae’s music-making journey, her first single “Alone Time”, happened to come from those new feelings that came to her during the pandemic. At the start of quarantine, Tae needed an outlet for her depression. She found that she needed to get vulnerable about her troubles through an outlet she still felt safe in music! With Alone Time, Tae was able to honestly vocalize how she felt isolated- mentally and physically, she mentions.

“Let’s fall in love in the moonlight”

-Tae “Moonlight”

What separates Tae from other artists is that exact way of communicating feelings through her words. For example, her new single “Moonlight” is an upfront way for Tae to talk about love. With “Moonlight”, Tae communicates that exact feeling of butterflies for that one perfect person. It’s all about letting go of the things that hold you back and succumbing to the freeing feeling of loving someone in a way that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

“Moonlight” replicates Tae’s experience with finally falling in love with the right person. With exactly the right synths and ambiance in the music, Tae was able to project her feelings and transform them into sound. This is exactly what makes Tae the perfect artist to sing along to with friends this summer, and the perfect artist to talk about the feelings that are hardest to interpret and convey.

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