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  • Chloé Garabedian

TALK TO HIM: An Exclusive on Aidan Bissett's New Single "Communication"

photos by @sidneymphotography

Indie-rock artist Aidan Bissett is taking the music world by storm. After gaining traction with his release of “Different” in July 2020, he found himself with a growing fanbase. His chill vibes coupled with his honest approach to music make his style both lovable and relatable.

Recently signed with Capitol Records, the young artist demonstrates his lyrical abilities in his new single “Communication”, which he dubs the “song of the summer”.

Bissett explained that the song focuses on how “communication [had] really gotten lost in friendships, relationships, and society in general” throughout the pandemic.

As an 18-year-old high school graduate, Bissett connects with his fans on a personal level. By taking on the anxieties and heightened emotions that teens experience with the song’s breezy melodies, he creates a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Bissett’s boundless talent, authenticity, and vulnerability have me excited to hear what’s coming from him in the future. Here’s an exclusive look at his creative process and upcoming plans.

How do you think the last few months have contributed to who you are as an artist, and how do you see yourself growing with your upcoming projects?

The last few months, especially after signing with Capitol, I definitely had to mature kinda quickly, since you’re being thrown into a whole world of new opportunities and real business. I wasn’t familiar with any of that stuff, so I had to learn really fast, which I think was great for me because it taught me how to be in a workspace and collab with other people in mature ways, and how to make cool connections and relationships. And with those when I did get exposed to new artists and we did get to create stuff, it turned into something that was really cool. And for how I think this affects me and my sound, recently I got connected to new artists that I absolutely adore and love. The collaboration that I’ve been exposed to was unprecedented and amazing. I feel like there are some artists out there who are really married to the way they make music and are afraid to let somebody else tamper with it, but I don’t care at all. When I create something like a demo, I’m like “Do whatever you want! I don’t care, have fun!” I want it to be fun, and that’s when I hear the coolest stuff. Because when somebody else gets free range on what you’ve created, they’ll try basically anything, and sometimes it’s like “Wait a second that sounded really cool! Let’s focus on that!” So that kind of stuff has been really amazing, especially in the past few months when working with new artists.

Is there anyone in particular you’re planning on collaborating with, or is there anyone that you hope someday you could work with?

I have no for-sure plans, but I have made friends with a couple of cool artists, like Motel 7. We’ve been sending stuff back and forth, and I know we’re gonna work pretty soon together and see what we can cook up, which is awesome. I did meet this group who I love so much, they’re amazing people- BETWEEN FRIENDS. They have some amazing music so next time I’m in L.A. I do hope to have a session with them and create something crazy, because their production style and musicality is amazing. When it comes to the hope side of it there’s so many that I want to work with, but definitely Wallows. I would love to work with COIN. The main songwriter is so incredibly talented, and especially in production too. Working with them would be unbelievable, and I really hope that happens in the near future. Of course Tame Impala too, the dude is a musical genius and makes some of the coolest psychedelic songs. His baselines are the best baselines I’ve ever heard, so working with him would be awesome. Another one would be Role Model, I’ve been diggin his stuff so much lately with like indie guitar which is such a cool mix. There’s so much more, but that’s everything off the top of my head right now.

Want to read more about Aidan? Check out our exclusive interview with him in our second issue! Click here to purchase.


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