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  • Valentina Ramirez

The Ace’s Aced Their NYC Show At The Brooklyn Steel

The girls and the gays made their way to Brooklyn Steel Wednesday night to see the iconic girl band, The Aces. Although this wasn’t a hometown show for the band, they emphasized that it felt like a homecoming show since they were playing in Brooklyn. To the crowd's surprise, the band talked about how they wrote their greatest hits in Brooklyn, New York. With so much nostalgia to when they first started, they made sure to play their hearts out since it was such a full-circle moment for them.

Nothing is better than going into a show and being able to sing and dance along to all the songs, so we're sharing a must-have playlist to listen to in anticipation to the show. The playlist takes you from the beginning to the end of the setlist, so you're prepared for when you'll sweat, when you'll laugh, and when you'll cry. The band has already swept the east coast and now they're making their way west. If you have the chance to catch them live, make sure to buy your tickets before it's too late.

While you wait to see them live, check out our photo gallery to get a glimpse of what an incredible night full of music and dancing will look like!

Photos Taken By: Valentina Ramirez


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