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  • Valentina Ramirez

The Forest Fire Herself! Mitski in Concert

With over a month since Mitski’s 2022 North America tour debuting her new album Laurel Hell, we’re still reminiscing on her amazing performance. Selling out both shows at The Anthem, in Washington D.C, Mitski left her mark in the city. Starting the show off with a fan favorite from her new album, “Love Me More” sent chills down the crowds spine. With such a raw and authentic voice, Mistki gave a performance that touched everyone in the room. Starting the show with songs from her new album, she then sprinkled in her top songs from her past albums that got the crowd going crazy. My personal favorite was toward the end where she encouraged the crowd to do karaoke with her top hit “Washing Machine Heart”. Singing along with us in the first verse, she stood back and let the crowd sing their heart out. With the biggest smile, she applauded the crowd for knowing every word and finished off the song with so much warmth and passion. Although we’re saddened that the North America tour is over, Mitski is now touring across Europe leaving her mark on the other side of the world.

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