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  • Chloé Garabedian

The World of Madeleine Mayi

We had the opportunity to hear LA-based, Santa Barbara-raised singer/songwriter Madeleine Mayi’s debut album prior to its release. Mayi has a special talent for songwriting and channels her passion for music through guitar-based indie rock. As an upcoming artist, she serves as an inspirational image for others following in her footsteps.

Mayi’s passion for music is rooted in her childhood, during which time she would sing in choirs. Soon after, she began to pursue songwriting, and it gradually developed into a creative escape that evidently is capable of moving others as much as it does herself.

The artist’s first full-length project 2/14voyages through the stages of grief that arise from the death of loved ones,” says Madeleine Mayi via email. Within the last 3 years, Mayi lost two loved ones during the week of Valentine’s Day. With her album, she hopes to provide others who are experiencing grief with an outlet to understand and reflect on tragedy in a raw way. “What makes it relatable I think is how honest I was in documenting the whole process.”

Through her music Mayi reminds us that “grief can happen in cycles.” Her multi-dimensional approach with the album is noticeable in her lyrics. The album highlights a contrast between her mental state and her environment. However quite distinctly, in the song here Mayi reflects her internal conflict between her own self- her conscious and subconscious mind. Oftentimes while trying to navigate through the intricacy of bereavement, our subconscious is able to grasp onto concepts that our conscious mind is unaware of. Journeying through the loss of a loved one is really about tackling our deep-rooted feelings along with these inner conflicts within ourselves.

Not only do her deep-seated experiences make this album personal to her, but the songwriting and production process have also allowed her to find her own sound. Her lyrical abilities paired with her indie-rock instrumentals encapsulate her boundless capacity for music.

Mayi’s undeniable talent for composing songs with lyrical value should serve as an example to other upcoming artists. Her raw and complex approach allows her listeners to insert themselves into her music. 2/14 is a beautiful reminder that re-inventing yourself should be done for the purpose of moving forward. “It’s okay to change, and it’s good to be honest about those changes—with yourself and others.” Madeleine Mayi’s aptitude will pave a new direction for the music industry and create an environment in which artists feel encouraged to share their honest experiences.

Listen to Madeleine Mayi's album here!

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