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  • Elena Marti

All are Welcome at Outside Lands: This Year's Outside Lands Lineup

San Francisco has long been considered a safe haven for outsiders, those who didn’t feel understood or accepted. Every year in the middle of August, the historic Golden Gate Park becomes a 3-day celebration of community, music, and diversity at Outside Lands. This year’s event features one of the most inclusive lineups of the festival season. 

What Is Outside Lands? 

Sometimes referred to as Coachella’s alternative younger sibling, Outside Lands is a music and arts festival that brings so much else to the table: professional mixologists at several themed cocktail bars, wine tasting, a (craft) marketplace and over a 100 local food options - you’ll have a “Taste of the Bay” no matter any dietary restrictions. 

This year, the festival celebrates the LGBTQIA+ populations in a variety of ways, with many openly queer artists as well as a dedicated event celebrating (SF’s) queer history.  If last year's inaugural event is any indication, you will not want to miss the pop-up dance party at the Dolores tent, featuring 3 days of music performances and drag shows. One attendee in 2023 stated this event was the hidden gem of their entire festival. This year local party-promoters Fake and Gay, Oasis and Hard French are returning to Outside Lands, making true on the websites promise that “queer parties, performances and activism” will be front and center. 

We are so excited to see BIPOC musicians Isabella Lovestory and Toccororo on Friday and REPARATIONS, an all-black drag show on Saturday featuring Yvie Oddly - season 11 winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. 

On Friday, the Japanese House will be playing (fingers crossed for set times not to overlap with Renee Rapp or The Last Dinner Party). It will be exciting to see them perform live again, having watched the Japanese House’s career grow since the release of “Saw You in a Dream” in 2019.  That track – a personal comfort for years – discusses the pain of losing someone close to you, and beautifully features the lead singer’s soft, melodic voice. 

We are also very excited to see The Last Dinner Party returning to San Francisco!  We were fortunate enough to see their headlining SF debut at the Bimbo’s 365 Club in April (photos can be found in one our latest archived posts: here). With sweet and sultry glances, lead singer Abigail Morris teased the crowd to behave as she led them through the “dancing and sex category of the set”, featuring songs like “Feminine Urge”, a lyrical journey through society’s impossible expectations for women. Their entire debut album, “A Prelude to Ecstasy”, is phenomenal, conveying both sensual intimacy and exuberant outrage.  The Last Dinner Party are a powerhouse of energy and charisma. 

Sunday will absolutely not be a day of rest with sets like Victoria Monet and Chappell Roan worth camping out for. Roan has had an incredible year so far including opening for Olivia Rodrigo’s US tour, an electrifying Coachella set back in April and gracing the cover of NME magazine - one of the largest music publications in the world. Roan’s songs explore the complicated quirks of queer relationships and identity with lines such as “People say I’m jealous, but my kink is watching You ruin your life, you losing your mind, you dyeing your hair” (Kink is my Karma), the latter being an established gay trope.

The very name ‘Outside Lands’ comes from the fact that it’s a little bit away from the city center. The Richmond and Sunset districts which border Golden Gate Park were referred to as the “outerlands” of the city for decades. Due to the festival’s location –, smack in the middle of the park – it is widely encouraged to NOT DRIVE. While it may appear daunting, as Outside Lands is the largest outdoor event of the year, public transportation is quite easy and affordable to and from the venue. If you are within SF the MUNI subway N and bus 5 or 7 will take you to the main gate at 30th St and JFK Drive; those farther out in the bay can take BART to the Embarcadero and then follow the same steps for MUNI. 

To avoid any surprises, please make sure any bag you bring complies with the official guidelines below: 

If you need to have additional items closeby, there are lockers available for rent as well! 

While still waiting for exact set times and schedules, we do know that gates will be opening at 11:00am each day, Friday - Sunday. 

Further information can be found at the festival’s official website. 


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