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  • Valentina Ramirez

Two NYC Shows Sold-Out By Sarah Kinsley

Sarah Kinsley, most well-known for the song that blew up on TikTok called "The King", had two packed shows in NYC this past month. After experiencing her show firsthand, we can attest that she is much more than that one song. Her discography goes on and on, and every one of those songs are just as good or even greater. Society needed a new alt-pop singer who created gut-wrenching music like icons such as Mitski and Boy Genius. Her entire setlist was a delightful surprise by having a good mixture of music you dance to but also completely cry off your makeup. There was a special connection in the air that night and the crowd gave Sarah complete undivided attention as she performed an incredible set. Sadly, Sarah's North America tour has come to an end but we're manifesting a 2024 tour so you can experience the magic of seeing Sarah Kinsley live. For now, you can live vicariously through his photo gallery while listening to some of her greatest hits here.

Photos Taken By: Valentina Ramirez


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