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  • Alique Kalachian

9 Facts About Inhaler That Will Take Your Breath Away

Photo by Dan Kenny

Everyone has been head over heels over Inhaler’s new album: It Won’t Always Be Like This! Elijah Hewson, Josh Jenkinson, Robert Keating, and Ryan McMahon's spontaneous music with inspiration coming from hundreds of different places create a variety of atmospheres, with no two songs giving the same vibe. Here are some facts you never knew about our new favorite band, You’re welcome :)

1. One of their favorite parts of performing live is the traveling aspect!

For Inhaler, traveling is one of the most exciting aspects of being in a band. They

always get to see new places with completely new cultures and different people!

2. Their inspirations!

Earlier we mentioned that Inhaler’s music inspiration comes from many different

places. Some artists that inspired Inhaler include the Stone Roses, Oasis, and Joy


3. Their new album is meant to showcase many different ideas!

With its members constantly changing, growing, and evolving, It Won’t Always Be Like

This is meant to reflect changes people undergo. Additionally, the members wanted to show

they’re not just a guitar band, and they wanted to show the different sounds they’re into and

mirror all the different vibes they enjoy

4. What the title, It Won’t Always Be Like This represents!

When the pandemic hit, Inhaler, just like everybody else, was super shaken up. They wanted to capture and communicate the idea that no matter what the situation is like right now, it won’t always stay the same, and that things have the potential to get better. They also wanted to share the idea that you have to cherish the moments you have right now because chances are, they won’t last.

5. They're just here to “make some music”

When asked what they think about being a band, Inhaler’s members said, “At the end of the day we don’t see ourselves as a band, we’re just here making music”. Their goal is just to have some fun and have a place where they can be creative!

6. When they get creative!

“We’re most in touch with ourselves on the road”, they mentioned when talking about where they get their creative flow from. Just being with each other on the road going or coming from a gig is when they feel at their most creative!

7. Making music isn’t always a breeze

According to Inhaler, there is a lot of uncertainty behind creating something new in the studio, it’s often like discovering uncharted land. They’re never sure of the result they’ll end up with when they start writing a new song. They just figure it out along the way with one another!

8. Their goal is to entertain!

“We always feel like there shouldn’t be a moment where you’re not entertained or feeling the music”, they described. That’s where those thick baselines in “Who’s Your Money On” comes from! The goal is for the music to constantly captivate you!

9. The music-making progress isn’t always linear!

Making a new song can be totally unpredictable, and oftentimes Inhaler will find value in sounds they didn’t think about before! For example, the song It Won’t Always Be Like This came from a bass riff and drum beat they had developed years ago, but never used because they had no idea what to do with it! One day, years later, they just played it for fun and everything sort of came together!

Listen to their latest EP on SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC



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