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A Gallery By Natalie Serratos

It has only been a year since I have really delved into photography. However, it only took the first shoot for me to fall in love with it. As an artist, I am fond of crafting each model into their own unique character. I do this by implementing colorful lighting, makeup, and picking a unique outfit for them. This way, I feel as though I can craft something more than just a photograph. I craft a story.

Photography has been a useful outlet as I am working towards becoming a filmmaker. I aim to deliver stunning films that bring light to societal dilemmas. Whether my films have a clear storyline or are more abstract, I think it is important for taboo topics to be heard. Therefore, the visual design does not only let me craft a film full of meaning, but I use it to draw people's attention towards a societal dilemma.

I have recently been told by my clients that every time I photograph them they leave with a newfound sense of confidence. This fills me with joy because I have a long history of insecurity. The fact that I can capture common people and make them feel like a fashion model fulfills me with more happiness than I can ever express.

I hope that these images catch your eye and I am excited to continue delivering photographs and films that are rich in meaning.


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