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  • Angie Mitilian

An Interview with Your Grace is Divine!

Your Grace is Divine is an independent clothing company from OC that uses fabric from second hand stores to make amazing designs and outfits!

1. Tell us about yourself (yourselves)!

💗My Name is April and I am the Creative Director and Designer of Your Grace Is Divine

It’s mostly a one woman show but most of my friends get involved by modeling (@faithgarcia @_devaroux_ @kyliepoyer @lianamariepena @madimaple) , and photography (@littleblondephotographer )

2. when did you start your business?

💗I started officially selling my designs in February of 2020. Before I started selling original designs on my website I sold them on depop.

3. how do you get your inspiration to make your clothing pieces?

💗most of my designs are inspired by my friends and trends of all era’s, ’50s, ’80s, ’90s, 2000s. My favorite thing to do when I am feeling uninspired is to look through vintage Vogue magazines or watch movie classics. I always put my own little twist on vintage looks!

4. tell us about your newest or upcoming clothing drop!

💗The Crop Top collection will be available on on November 1st. This collection contains 4 different styles of crop tops that are upcycled or made of fabric found at Second-hand stores!

5. what is your favorite article of clothing

💗I love skirts! I love it when skirts flatter my figure.

6. what fabrics do you use to make your clothes?

💗I love using cotton fabric. I’m the crop top collection you will find lots of silk and some polyester. All the fabric I use comes from second-hand stores to reduce my carbon footprint

7. rather than making clothes what is one thing you love to do

💗 I love thrift store shopping, playing with makeup, random photoshoots. But my favorite past time is definitely dancing to music with friends.

8. what is your favorite movie

8💗MY FAVORITE IS GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. The director is so talented and the whole movie is a visual orgasm!


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