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  • Chloé Garabedian

Get To Know Ellie Williams!

By: Chloe Garabedian

Soul Talk Magazine invited us to a press conference prior to the release of singer/songwriter Ellie Williams’s latest single Clueless. We had the opportunity of learning about her journey in the music industry. Williams started her music career as a child, influenced particularly by her upbringing. She recently moved to L.A. with her producer and serves as a bright image for younger girls following in her footsteps.

Her bubbly personality is reflected in her work, especially her latest single “Clueless,” which uses jazzy instrumentals to tell a conflicting love story. When asked about the story behind her heartfelt lyrics, Williams explains, “‘Clueless’ is about me having a crush on my best friend and not knowing what to do about it.” Her ability to put a play on words shines through the title, highlighting the uncertainty of falling for your best friend.

More so than titles however, Williams has a talent for expressing herself through words. She finds this skill through familiarizing herself with the lyrical abilities of others, explaining that “I will flip through [a pocket dictionary] and find a word that I like and go off of that. Journaling also helps a little bit.” Her drive for writing songs that hold as much value lyrically as they do instrumentally should serve as an example for other upcoming artists. Through this, she is able to foreground the beauty of her musical talent.

Coming so far in this competitive industry however requires more than talent- it comes down to perseverance and confidence. Williams shares advice for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. “You’re so valid in feeling scared. The idea of exposing yourself through your own music and being super vulnerable is so terrifying. Letting your voice be heard and sharing your experiences does a lot more good than living in fear of breaking that wall.”

In a male-dominated industry, Williams is a voice for younger girls. She teaches them to not be discouraged when their talent is brushed off by men, and encourages them to have confidence in their abilities. It is sound that along with other female artists, Williams’s work will lead to a spark of change for women in the industry.

It was a pleasure to learn more about Williams and her experiences. After hearing about the results of her work ethic, it is safe to say that she is a beautiful role model for aspiring female artists, and has many more successes ahead of her. Her radiant personality and raw talent will pave a new direction for the music industry. We can’t wait to see what future plans she has in store for her fans.

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