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  • Valentina Ramirez

Here With d4vd In NYC

​​Three consecutive nights in NYC, sold out by the one and only d4vd. This was d4vd’s first time performing in NYC and to sell out three consecutive shows is pretty incredible in our books.

The first step into the venue, it looked like a crime scene, literally. Everyone was wearing white shirts with red paint smeared all over it and it was a little daunting. But I quickly found out that d4vd had a surprise pop-up in the city earlier that day where fans got to meet him and get exclusive merch which they all ultimately decided to wear at the show that night. With the crowd packed with fans in white button-down shirts with red paint splatters, we knew this was going to be a good show.

d4vd had an incredible stage light setup with strobes and flashes that entranced the audience. He immediately came in with high energy to match the crowd and the pit was going crazy. Starting off the show with You & I the vibes were high and they only went up from there.

Into a quarter of the show, d4vd said he had a very special guest that was going to perform a song with him but she wasn’t ready yet. The crowd waited on their toes, all speculating who this mysterious guest was. Lo and behold it was his little sister that came onto the stage and she had the whole crowd cheering and wooing for her. This was a very dear guest for d4vd because he recorded all his first songs in her closet because that’s all he had available to him. Along with his little sister, he sang fan favorite "Here With Me" and although he says “save your tears” there were definitely some tears from how special this moment was.

The night went on, and the performance kept getting better and better. d4vd performed a couple of songs that were unreleased and the crowd loved every single one of them. The crowd was hooked on every single tune and we hope to see release announcements soon.

If you missed this show, we are so sorry for your loss and we’re mourning for you. If you’re on the west coast, you still have a chance to see him live as he has a few dates left on tour. But in the meantime, if you don’t have a chance to see him live, check out our photo gallery where we captured what it’s like to go to a d4vd and have an unforgettable night.

Photos Taken By: Valentina Ramirez

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