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  • Julia Finocchiaro

It's Not The 1975, Its Knox at The Sinclair

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Knox performed just outside of Boston at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA for the third night of “The I’m So Good At Being Alone Tour.” After previously touring to support Nightly this past fall, this 2024 tour marks Knox’s first solo headlining tour! His biggest show on the tour so far, Knox performed a solid set of 18 songs that kept the nearly sold-out crowd singing and dancing along for over an hour on this Friday night.

Knox opened the set with two songs from his newest EP I’m So Good At Being Alone? released this past October - “Love Letter” and “Man Down” (one of my personal favorites). He continued into “Sneakers,” his most popular song on Spotify, before continuing with a mix of songs from this same EP and How To Lose A Girl in 7 Songs. Around halfway through the set Knox introduced his next song as “a song nobody has heard before” (not entirely truthful as it had been played at his previous show in Chicago, but a new song nonetheless). He followed this up with yet another unreleased song, “Invisible.”

Although Knox didn’t have a proper encore, the last few songs certainly had the energy of one! He started out with “NYC,” which he described as the favorite song he had ever written before launching into “Here’s to Us,” during which he encouraged fans to dance around with whoever they came with. And last but not least, Knox of course closed with his viral hit “Not The 1975” which pokes fun at his love for the band with a bunch of easter eggs and references to some of The 1975’s songs like “Chocolate” and “Oh Caroline.”

You can take a glimpse here at our photo gallery to get a sense of the great vibes you’ll find at a Knox show! And take a look at the setlist here.

Photos Taken By: Julia Finocchiaro 


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