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  • Alique Kalachian

Oddly specific playlists for each song in Madeleine Mayi’s “what happens when it hurts”

If you’re like me, you’ve been patiently waiting for the perfect music to cry with because you still have to heal from that last relationship (if I can even call it that). Madeleine Mayi definitely delivered in that field with her new EP “what happens when it hurts”, through which she expresses different responses to grief and heartbreak and reflects on herself and her past love.

Naturally, I had to categorize every song I listened to into a super specific playlist based just around that one song, so here they are!

Light's Out

“Cool indie songs to subtly impress my friends with my cool girl music taste”

The title pretty much says it all. We all know that tiny little panicked feeling when your friend tells you to queue some songs in the car and you reeeeally want to play the right things or else you will never be asked to play the music ever again otherwise. I’m here to tell you “Light”s Out” is THE song for this situation. Roll your windows down because this song is going to turn your little suburban town road into the PCH where you can scream the lyrics with your BFF in the driver’s seat.


can't reach me

“It has been 2 days since that guy last texted me and I cannot cope”

In “can’t Reach Me”, Madeleine expresses the pain that comes with doing the right thing sometimes. She tried to make it work, she tried to show her love but in the end the best choice was to remove herself from the situation, even though it hurt.


best part of us

“Songs that take me back to Taylor Swift’s early music era”

Need I say more? There is the guitar and there is the heartbreak and those are all the components “best part of us” needs to swiftly blend into Taylor’s other music.



“English breakfast tea does not actually taste very English”

The ambient guitar in “SNAP” and Madeleine’s soft vocals add to the heartbreak as she reflects on her past love. My friend fell in love with a British exchange student this past school year and he moved back to the UK permanently at the end of last semester. I recommended this song to her! (for obvious reasons).


for a second

“I should end things with him but I’m attached”

I can’t rant too much here because this is very much a public platform but I happen to relate to this one a little too much.

What I will say, though, is that Madeleine Mayi’s “For a Second'' and Joji’s “Glimpse of Us” are on the same playlist and this playlist is on heavy rotation for me right now.

Listen to their latest music: what happens when it hurts



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