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  • Sarah Hart

TNN Rewrites the Collaborative Creative Industry

During their freshman year, four classmates in Chapman University’s film school decided to work on a short film script together. Edison Kao, Alonzo Labiosa, Will Frazier, and Emma Schroeter all wanted to create. And as a group, they were good at it too. 

After creating their first short film, the group realized that they were all searching for a platform to create in a collaborative space. 

“There’s a lot of power behind being able to create with people that you really care about and really connect with,” says Labiosa. “After that first film, we were like, what if we have this group as a form of consistent collaboration?” 

So the group formed TNN. TNN is an Orange County and Los Angeles-based production company, which provides a creative outlet for students to work on film projects. Each of the core members consistently works to write, produce, and market each film, taking on any and all people who want to get involved. 

“The films we make are important to all of us in different ways,” says Frazier, the writer of the group. “My job is to listen to the members of our group and understand what each member is passionate about…Then, I’ll write/revise a script.” 

After producing a script, the group usually collaborates with other Chapman-based directors, producers, and crew. For their latest project, they brought on Graham Ross, another Chapman student, to direct their latest film, “Please Don’t Help.” 

According to Kao, Ross changed the script entirely -- making the end product completely different from what the writers expected, in a good way. 

The film has “a lot of emotional drive,” according to Kao. 

Labiosa also added that their newest film, which is more of an emotional story, is a great example of collaboration from the crew, actors, producers, and writers. Moreover, the film is a great example of TNN’s core values on collaboration and community.

“I think a lot of the crew put an element of themselves into this project,” he said. “The characters were really vivid and a lot of people put themselves into this film.” 

Both Kao and Labiosa emphasize that TNN is open to anyone that wants to get involved. While the group has only been around for two years, the production company has continued to grow so  that each film is bigger than the last. 

This week, TNN will be hosting the Artist Summit, a two-day film festival April 11-12 in Orange, CA. There will be a host of un-premiered films being shown, including films from TNN and independent sources. 

“Our goal is to not only showcase the films, but to also showcase the community as well,” said Labiosa. 

While the core members of TNN are juniors and still have another year left of college, the group is starting to decide on post-graduation plans. It’s clear that the group wants to keep the collective going -- but whether or not they pass TNN down to underclassmen at Chapman remains to be seen. 

Edison recounts a “crazy idea” that came up during a discussion. 

“One day, LMU, UCSC, UCLA will all have a group like this where we can all come together and collaborate,” he says. “These schools never really work together.” 

Similarly, Frazier expressed how he felt this group will have a lasting impact on his life, even after graduation.

“I feel like everyone has a bunch of ideas in their head about things they want to do,” he said.

“However, it’s extremely common to never actually go out and do any of these things. TNN allows me to see some of the scripts I write in action. Not only is that a surreal experience, but it also allows me to learn about writing from practice instead of just theory.”

This week, Fever Dream Zine will also be tabling April 11 at the Artist Summit! By purchasing a ticket with the FDZ discount, you can come visit us, grab a copy of some past print issues, and see some new independent films. If you’re in Socal, get your discount tickets here come visit us!

If you want to get involved with TNN, there is an inquiry link on their website or their Instagram messages are open. 


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