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Anya Fernihough - Writer

Heyy! I’m Anya and I’m from the UK! When I’m not binge watching Studio Ghibli films, I’m most likely to be playing music. I play lots of instruments, such as bass guitar and piano. Music is a great creative outlet and allows me to express myself; so does painting and drawing (although any skills in these areas are lacking!).

17 ★ capricorn

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Maria Galstyan - Writer

Heyhey! My name is Maria and I am overly excited to be a part of FDZ! I am sixteen years old, and have an unhealthy obsession with iced matcha lattes, driving during sunset hours, and the Marías. Over the years, writing has become an outlet for my emotions, and as a Scorpio moon, I have a lot of those. I'm thankful and very excited to be sharing my writing with you, and I hope you find both comfort and comic relief within my pieces!<3

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Rachel Patel - Writer

Rachel is a senior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in broadcast journalism with a double minor in illustration and social media digital strategies. A leo sun, aquarius moon and virgo rising, she loves to follow astrology and enjoys working with crystals, numerology and manifestations, and is a huge fan of keeping up with fashion trends! When she isn't working she enjoys painting, watching anime or playing on her Switch, her current game obsession being Fire Emblem: 3 Houses.

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Valentina Ramirez - Concert Photographer

Valentina is an incoming senior at the University of Central Florida studying advertising and public relations. She lives, breathes and sleeps music and aspires to secure a career in the music industry once she graduates. One thing about her is that you'll catch her at a concert at least once a week. Valentina has recently developed a love for live music and has since built her portfolio in concert photography. When she isn't working on her photography or school work, you can catch her rollerblading in any open lot jamming to some fun tunes. 

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Michelle Khachatryan - Writer

Hey! My name is Michelle, and consuming media is my favorite thing to do, so Fever Dream seems to be the right place for me. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I love to banter about film and television as I look forward to working in the entertainment industry. Some of my all-time favorite artists are Blood Orange, Charli XCX, and Amy Winehouse, which their music can contribute to my personality tremendously. In my free time, I like to make coffee, cook vegetarian food, read poetry, take film photos, and spend time with my pets. 

19 ★ libra

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